Johannes Thiel  is an artist and designer working in a variety of media, from sculptures and installations to digital works in sound, graphicdesign and renderings. He is currently studying Visual Communication at the University of Arts in Berlin. For enquiries, questions or collaborative projects, feel free to contact me!

Johannes Thiel (about) is an artist and designer working in different kinds of media, including renderings, graphicdesign, videos and music. He is currently studying visual communication at the university of arts in berlin. For enquiries, questions or collaborative projects, feel free to (contact) me!

Post SHIELD (Hydrokinetic Pool)
ASA, Aluminium, Aluminium Profile, Silicone Tubing, Silicone, Cases, Water, Acrylics, LED, Peristaltic Pump, Arduino, Electronics

                 "Post SHIELD (Hydrokinetic Pool)" is a conceptual exploration that immerses viewers in a controlled environment, presenting a series of elements that form a cohesive, self-contained system. At its core lies a soft robotic silicone form, evocative of an alien-like organism. Controlled by the "Pneumatic Hub," a mechanism integrating valves, pumps, and pneumatic channels within a structural framework of aluminum tubing and 3D-printed components, the soft robot simulates life-like movements reminiscent of breathing motion.
Surrounding the central element are various sculptural structures known as "Shields," crafted from 3D-printed components generated with algorithmic modeling software. The installation features illuminated display tables that serve as examination platforms for the bone-like shields and the soft robot. Water circulates through a network of silicone conduits, connecting every part of the installation into a continuous cycle. The exhaust air generated by the pneumatic hub is channeled into the protective case, which is filled with water and also functions as the source of the water cycle.
The installation can be seen as a kind of research platform resembling a laboratory-like setup, providing a space for the development and investigation of prosthetic-like shields for use by the semi-living soft robot.

Photos: Johannes Thiel /Luka Naujoks

ASA, Alumnium, Servo Motor, Arduino

        ConvexSHIELD is shaped like decoupled parts of car bodies or mechanical covers. The shield represents a kind of protective armour or shell, which only takes on its volume and final form through a combination of individual frag- ments. By opening and closing the individual modules, the meaning and reading directions vary. This process is expanded and automated in with ConvexSHIELD.

Photos: Luka Naujoks

Hyperoptimized Prosthetics
ASA, Aluminiumpipes, Silicone, Silicone-PLA, Polyurethan Hoses, Hose Fittings, Arduino, Air Pumps, Valves

Photos: Luka Naujoks

Chitin Notation Mount
ASA, Aluminium, Vinyl

Photos: Luka Naujoks