Johannes Thiel (about) i in a variety of media, from sculptures and installations to digital works in sound, graphicdesign and renderings. He is currently studying Visual Communication at the University of Arts in Berlin. For enquiries, questions or collaborative projects, feel free to (contact) me!


Johannes Thiel (about) is an artist and designer working in different kinds of media, including renderings, graphicdesign, videos and music. He is currently studying visual communication at the university of arts in berlin. For enquiries, questions or collaborative projects, feel free to (contact) me!

Alumnium, PLA, threaded wire

Modular magazine holder for the “UDK Journal” developed with Marlon Nicolaisen and Leona Tiemessen at Raumklasse UDK as parasite archisculpture.

            The parasite, and thus the display for the UDK Journal, is located in the main stairwell of the Faculty of Design. It uses the structure of the railing to place itself in the space with its re-hooks. The feeler-like steel cables that stretch through the atrium serve as a guidance system that draws the attention of visitors to the parasite as they enter the stairwell. The actual object consists of two aluminum tubes suspended from the ropes. The rods and ropes are connected by brackets made of aluminum. 3D printed clips are strung on the rods, to which the magazine is attached. The otherwise little-used space in front of the railing becomes a place of exchange, where visitors can look at the magazines and take them home. Perhaps they can also be encouraged to add something themselves.

Photos: Johannes Thiel